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Korean Go Games

Real Board Go Lectures

Real Board Go Lectures – Life not Death


I picked this game of Ke Jie's to go over for my Real Board Go Lecture's because the life and death in this game is quite phenomenal. We always hear that professional Go players can [...]

Dwyrin's Go Lectures

Fundamental Go Lessons

Fundamental Go Lesson – When to Pincer

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Welcome to my Fundamental Go Lessons series.  In this lessons  I'll be covering the use of the pincer, focusing on understanding when to pincer in our go games and, just as importantly, when not to [...]

Latest Tygem Go Games

Vs Bots

vs Bots – 2dan Gives Away Influence


For a long time now I've been hearing nothing but how good the go programs have become. Well, after awhile you can't help but want to see for yourself. Curiosity. Can't resist [...]

KGS Ranked Go Games

KGS Ranking – Too Much Commentary


Alright. For reasons that could have only sounded good at the time, I invited two people to commentate this game with me. It should be noted this is the only time I did [...]


Weekly Picks

Picks Of The Week – 7/7/2014


I love studying go games. Chances are you do, too. Now, I can't review every game I find interesting, but I can bring them to your attention!

5p - http://www.go4go.net/go/games/sgfview/42384
5p - http://www.go4go.net/go/games/sgfview/42365
Xie [...]