Over the last few years more and more people have been creating go videos and streaming their games or lectures for everyone to enjoy and learn from.  If you're looking for a given topic concerning go, chances are you can now find it fully explained in video format somewhere online.  It's certainly a change from back when I first started! Back then there were few, if any, videos to be found.  And fewer still that were in English.  Unsurprisingly, it was only a matter of time before someone rounded us up and decided to throw all of us in a tournament.  The 2015 Creator Invitational!

Game 1 - Monkk vs Odnihs

On day one of this tournament I had the pleasure to cast, along with fellow dan player Starstorm, game one between Odnihs and Monkk.  Now, Odnihs is a 6 dan player and Monkk is only a 2kyu.  You would think from this disparity that the game would be one sided and, well, quite boring.  Surely it's nothing more than a teaching game, right?  I fully admit that's what I had assumed going into the game and I couldn't have been any more wrong!  That's right, I admit it.  I was wrong.
Don't misunderstand. I'm not saying that Monkk was able to go toe to toe against Odnihs every move of the game.  There was a disparity that revealed itself shortly into the game when Monkk had to decide what strategy to use against the Orthodox Fuseki, and how he was going to follow it up.  By all rights, the game opened up precisely as one might expect from such a pairing.  However, Monkk soon showed his spirit by not backing down despite his opponent taking a bit of a lead.  Quite the contrary, Monkk decided to fight and attempted to exploit any aji he could find in order to turn the game around.  I won't spoil the game, but let's just say that one did appear!  The 6 dan came close to potentially losing his first match to the underdog and having to go to the losers bracket!

Game 2 - Clossius vs Daimon

This game I did not have the opportunity to cast, however I did go back and review the match.  Once again I had assumed that Clossius, a 4 dan who has had the good fortune of studying in Korea, would breeze through against a lower dan opponent.  It was a day for me being wrong.  I got used to it.

In this game Daimon opened with a very greedy style against Clossius which seemed to throw him for a loop.  He was left having to make tough decisions as to how he was going to use the influence he found himself with as his territory was being taken away piece by piece by the seemingly very territorial player, Daimon.  Now, I don't know Clossius's style of play, so it's hard to say if he was simply unused to someone coveting his territory so aggressively.
But I can say that when a life and death problem broke out on the board Clossius made one tiny mistake in a position which should have been seki.  Giving the match convincingly to the underdog Daimon and throwing Clossius down into the loser's bracket where he will face Monkk while Daimon moves on to fight Odnihs in round two.

Game 3 - Shengo vs Jermelle

Jermelle is younger player who has been rising up through the ranks quite quickly.  As a result, although I wasn't aware of his current style of play, I expected an aggressive game out of him and he certainly didn't disappoint.   Opening with the Low Chinese Fuseki, Jermelle went for a quick framework and rapidly went all in.  Whenever he had the opportunity, he decided to go for more and more influence, forcing Shengo to reduce an area that quickly turned into an all or nothing game.

It was by far the most spirited game of the day and showed a player who is still trying to reach ever higher towards the next rank on the ladder.  Unfortunately Jermelle is not quite there yet and will go down the face the loser of game 4 which has not yet been played while Shengo moves on to face its winner.