At the end of each year I want to do someting special for everyone as a thank you for all of your continued support. In 2011 I did a best of that year. This series was different because I asked for viewers to submit their top picks of the year for me to review. Was a good way to get me to take a look at games I may not normally.

Here in game one I reviewed a game between Kim Jiseok and Jiang Weiji. It was pretty good game. Nice and Clean. The surrounds were straight forward, the fighting didn't spill everywhere and ruin everything. Featured only a few skirmishes that were easy to follow along.

Overall, one for everyone to enjoy!

Game 2

Game two was a Japanese game between Yoda Norimoto and Kobayashi Satoru. Now this was a game that is truly outside of what I normally review. The joseki choices were ones that I don't think I've ever reviewed before up to this point. It also had some rather nice surrounds in an attempt to develop a very nice area!

Game 3

It would seem that since the second game with Japanese players was such a hit, a second Japanese game was sent in. This time between Hane Naoki versus Yamashita Keigo. I've heard of those names before but I confess I haven't really studied their games before in detail.

In fact, of the two of them, Hane Naoki I quite respected. I am a huge fan of studying international go games, and Hane Naoki's name was one that i had seem pop up repeatedly against top players. That was quite the rarity once upon a time for Japanese players. Definitely something that caught my attention.

This is one of my earliest lectures ever recorded. Recording Quality may be lacking as a result.