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Go Lecture: Lee Sedol vs High Chinese Fuseki

In our last Go Lecture we took a look at Lee Changho playing against the High Chinese Fuseki. This time it's Lee Sedol's turn to take a crack at the fuseki seeing as how this particular fuseki seems sticking around the go world longer than I would have expected.

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Go Lecture: The Legendary Go Seigen

Here is a Go lecture featuring two games from the legendary player Go Seigen. Unlike normal lectures, this may be one which I learned more than the viewers. You see, legendary Go players do not come around often. It stands to reason that when one does you, assuming you're interested in learning [...]

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Go Lecture: Kang Dongyun – Plays Influential Orthodox

Korean Professional Kang Dongyun Plays an influential orthodox style versus Chinese professional Lian Xiao in this game by opening with the large knight enclosure. A rather standard variation breaks out from there that takes on a seemingly small, but very important, difference from how we normally continue the game.

What was fascinating about this game [...]

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Go Lecture: A Modest Lecture About Shape

How many times have you been in a game and noticed that your opponent didn't seem to pay much attention to his shape?  Worse yet, how many times have you not paid attention?  Don't worry, we all make that mistake.  We're amateurs, after all.

Shape is one of those things that amateurs unfortunately tend to overlook. [...]

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Go Lecture: Park Jungwhan – An Impressive Game versus Rui Naiwei

Park Jungwhan is a name many players know.  He's a very strong Korean professional who has battled it out on domestic and international stages.  You've no doubt seen him play other top players such as Lee Changho, Kong Jie, and many others.  Rui Naiwei, on the other hand is sadly often overlooked but no less [...]

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Go Lecture: Ke Jie – His Dominance Continues!

Ke Jie continues to show us his strength by taking to task a professional 3dan. but not in the normal manner.  If you think it's going to be landslide from start to finish, you'd be wrong.  In fact I would have to say that black's opening in this match is pretty impressive.  Intimidating, even.  Ke [...]

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Go Lecture: 9dan versus 1dan

At first glance you may think that watching a 9dan play a 1dan is akin to viewing a train wreck in progress. What you would be forgetting is that every 9dan begins off as a 1dan. And sometimes that 1dan can be every bit as powerful as a 9dan.  It's not at all like a [...]

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Go Lecture: Ke Jie – Does There Have To Be a Reason?

I don't know if you've fallen in love with rising Chinese star Ke Jie yet, but I know that I have. It's always exciting to watch new blood enter the go world and make their mark. These players breathe fresh life into the game and keeps it exciting! What more could you possibly ask for [...]

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Go Lecture: Micro Chinese Fuseki – Ends in Huge Trades

Chinese professional Chen Yaoye plays the Micro Chinese Fuseki in this game versus Korean star Choi Cheolhan.  It's always difficult to know who to root for when you've been following both players involved since before they reached 9dan.  Harder still when it's an international match and you know they both want to take a win [...]

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Go Lecture: Choi Cheolhan – Opens Unorthodox!

Now, I knew right from the off that Choi Cheolhan is a player who sometimes dabbles into the more unorthodox openings. One of the very first games of his that I ever studied was a game in which he played that way! Still, that style sort of died out from him as he grew into [...]

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