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Go Lecture: Kang Dongyun – Plays Influential Orthodox

Korean Professional Kang Dongyun Plays an influential orthodox style versus Chinese professional Lian Xiao in this game by opening with the large knight enclosure. A rather standard variation breaks out from there that takes on a seemingly small, but very important, difference from how we normally continue the game.

What was fascinating about this game [...]

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Go Lecture: Micro Chinese Fuseki – Ends in Huge Trades

Chinese professional Chen Yaoye plays the Micro Chinese Fuseki in this game versus Korean star Choi Cheolhan.  It's always difficult to know who to root for when you've been following both players involved since before they reached 9dan.  Harder still when it's an international match and you know they both want to take a win [...]

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Lee Sedol – Invades Very Well

Going back and posting all of these past lectures onto this website has shown me one thing. There are a lot of people out there who try to build enormous areas against players who are very good at ripping it all down around your ears. Bit of a surprise to me since I [...]

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Gu Li – Plays Micro Chinese Fuseki

The Micro Chinese Fuseki is one I wasn't sure about when it first began making its rounds in the go world. It struck me as a little over concentrated around that 3-4 stone. Well, turns out I was wrong about that and it is here to stay. Fine. That means we [...]

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Senrensei Lecture

It had to happen eventually. A lecture on the Sanrensei. Despite how much I dislike the Fuseki, there's just not getting around the fact that we still encounter it from time to time, don't we? And unless we want to hate the fuseki and lose to it whenever we encounter it, that [...]

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Qiu Jun vs Lee Sedol

Developing influence is pretty easy to do. You can just set up a framework on the fourth line and you have influence. Developing it through fighting and exchanges, on the other hand, is my favorite! It's much harder to see coming and requires so much more reading. It's also one of [...]

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Finding The Largest Move

Every single go game you ever play will be one in which you must find the largest move. But what is a large move? Now that's a devilishly hard question to answer. It always depends on the board. Sometimes it can be something as simple as completing a framework or reducing [...]

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Lee Sedol – Plays Modern Orthodox

There was once a time when playing against the Orthodox Fuseki, we only play one move to combat it. However as the game shifts towards ways to develop faster frameworks, it comes as little surprise that our once fine ideas are fine no longer.

Personally I love that about go. That no only have [...]

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Legend88 vs Tengen!

There are a lot of crazy styles out there. One of the most frustrating to deal with is when your opponent just invades everything, hoping that you aren't good enough to respond and are left with nothing. Cue Legend88. A professional player ranking up on Tygem where he runs into such a player. [...]

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‘2011 Modern Joseki

At the time of this lecture there were some modern joseki variations making their way through the go world. Although I am not a professional player, I decide to weigh in on them, offering only my opinions and bringing them to your attention.

It goes without saying that some of these variations should probably not [...]

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