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Go Lecture: Huge Territories!

A game starts out much like any other. Soon we see both players strive to surround absolutely enormous areas of the board, but will their opponents allow them to hold onto it? Find out in this crazy game where we witness ambition on a huge scale!

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Go Lecture: Tygem Pros – Idontca1 Misses Nothing

The first part of this lecture can be found here. In this second part we continue to observe idontca1 as he plays other professionals on the Go server Tygem. However, where the first game was all about reducing the center, this time we see idontca1 decide to use influence rather than reduce it.

See [...]

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Go Lecture: Tygem Pros – All In The Middle!

Tygem is a Go server where you expect relentless violence. A never ending barrage of blood each player must wade through, struggling not to drown. You may then be surprised to learn that this game between idontca1 and ddcg is anything but a normal Tygem game. These two play a basic influence [...]

By |October 30th, 2014|Fortnight, Go Lectures|1 Comment

Go Lecture: Kang Dongyun – Plays Influential Orthodox

Korean Professional Kang Dongyun Plays an influential orthodox style versus Chinese professional Lian Xiao in this game by opening with the large knight enclosure. A rather standard variation breaks out from there that takes on a seemingly small, but very important, difference from how we normally continue the game.

What was fascinating about this game [...]

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Go Lecture: Ke Jie – Plays Simply

By now it's no secret that I love following Ke Jie's career.  It's not often that a player comes around  that you know is going to be on top of the go world one day.  It's not every day you can see their rise to power.

In this game, Ke Jie goes up against the Mini [...]

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Go Lecture: The Surrounding Game

Go has many names.  Some names more descriptive than others.  One name you may not be aware of is the 'Surrounding Game'.   It just makes sense on so many levels.  The goal of the game is to surround more territory than your opponent's.  If there is a weak group, a good tactic is to try [...]

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Go Lecture: Lee Sedol – An Old Game

We all know that Lee Sedol sits proudly on top of the Korean go world. But do you remember when he was just a 3dan? Seems almost inconceivable, doesn't it?  But he was, an for quite awhile, too.

I began studying Lee Sedol's gameplay when he was still a 3dan.  Memorizing, in fact.   To this day [...]

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Go Lecture: Lee Changho – An Old Game

Now this game goes all the way back to the year 1996 when Lee Changho was still embracing his strategy of giving his opponent exactly what they wanted, and still winning.  No, that's not a joke.  Rui Naiwei, the strongest female professional go player was quoted saying that.  This was the strategy with which he [...]

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Go Lecture: Choi Cheolhan – Opens Unorthodox!

Now, I knew right from the off that Choi Cheolhan is a player who sometimes dabbles into the more unorthodox openings. One of the very first games of his that I ever studied was a game in which he played that way! Still, that style sort of died out from him as he grew into [...]

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Go Lecture: Two Greedy Games

Normally I would say this lecture is surprising because of...something.  But the player featured in this game is Lee Sedol.  Really, over the years, what hasn't he done that could still surprise us?  You don't become one of the world's top players by only playing one way with one style.  He's tried it all.

So in [...]

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