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Go Lecture: Lee Changho vs High Chinese Fuseki

Here is a game where we see Lee Changho take on the High Chinese Fuseki.  If you're looking for how to take on this Fuseki, might want to check out this interesting game!

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Go Lecture: Tygem Pros – All In The Middle!

Tygem is a Go server where you expect relentless violence. A never ending barrage of blood each player must wade through, struggling not to drown. You may then be surprised to learn that this game between idontca1 and ddcg is anything but a normal Tygem game. These two play a basic influence [...]

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Honest Go – Lecture

Honest go is means play where nothing is hidden.  That the meaning behind their moves is nice and upfront, on display for everyone to see.  These sorts of games are among the best for us to learn from since there's not a lot of useless complication hiding the bigger points of the game.  They are [...]

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Kong Jie – Punishes Greed!

Greedy players,man, they're everywhere I tell you!  We see them in our opponents.  We see them often reflected in our own play.  No matter what we do we always seem surrounded by greed!  If that's how you feel, this might be a good lecture to take the time to watch.

There are few things sweeter than [...]

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Japan vs China Pro Game!

I absolutely love international matches! Players play not just for themselves, but for their country. In this game an influential Japanese player faces off against a territorial Chinese player!

This is one of my earliest lectures ever recorded. Recording Quality may be lacking as a result.

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Gu Li – Master of Invasions

If you're looking to invade the framework of a player like Gu Li's caliber, think again. There's just so much to worry about. If he can find a way to turn you into a running group, then he will. And running groups, last time i checked, were generally considered priceless, and not [...]

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Lee Sedol – Battles It Out Influence vs Influence

Here we have an early game of Lee Sedol's from way back when he was a 3dan professional. But don't let the rank fool you. At 3dan he was taking on the likes of Lee Changho, so the difference between 3 and 9 for him wasn't a whole lot.

What makes this [...]

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Go Lecture: Lee Changho – Plays Orthodox Fuseki vs Sanrensei

In this game Korean professional Lee Changho sets down the Orthodox Fuseki. Nothing unusual there. Chances are we all know the standard responses and even have our own preferences among them as to which we enjoy playing. Lee's opponent, on the other hand, decides to throw all the standard responses out the [...]

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Go Lecture: Park Yeonghun vs Kong Jie – Play Low Chinese

In this game Chinese professional Kong Jie plays the Low Chinese Fuseki against Korean professional Park Yeonghun. Not to be outdone, white responds with the Low Chinese Fuseki as well. Now before you start worrying, this isn't a game of mirror go. Both frameworks play out very different from each other.

Where white [...]

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Go Lecture: Choi Cheolhan vs Lee Changho Influence/Invasion

In a slightly unusual turn of events, Lee Changho plays an influential game! How is he able to build up his influence? How will Choi Cheolhan combat it? And what can we amateurs learn from both of their ideas? Spoiler: a lot!

This is one of my earliest lectures ever recorded. Recording [...]

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