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Go Lecture: Lee Sedol – An Old Game

We all know that Lee Sedol sits proudly on top of the Korean go world. But do you remember when he was just a 3dan? Seems almost inconceivable, doesn't it?  But he was, an for quite awhile, too.

I began studying Lee Sedol's gameplay when he was still a 3dan.  Memorizing, in fact.   To this day [...]

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Lecture – Exchanges

I always enjoy watching games in which exchanges are happening. You have to be absolutely certain what you're giving up is worth the cost, and to do that your reading must be top notch. It would be rather embarrassing to give up a group for influence, let's say, only to realize your opponent [...]

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Lee Sedol – Invades Very Well

Going back and posting all of these past lectures onto this website has shown me one thing. There are a lot of people out there who try to build enormous areas against players who are very good at ripping it all down around your ears. Bit of a surprise to me since I [...]

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Go Lecture: Lee Sedol vs Low Chinese Fuseki

Obviously this game is worth looking at because Lee Sedol. However if you need more of a reason to do so, then how about taking a peek at a game demonstrating just how much a board can change over the course of a game? Does that peek your interest? Because if it [...]

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Go Lecture: Park Yeonghun vs Kong Jie – Play Low Chinese

In this game Chinese professional Kong Jie plays the Low Chinese Fuseki against Korean professional Park Yeonghun. Not to be outdone, white responds with the Low Chinese Fuseki as well. Now before you start worrying, this isn't a game of mirror go. Both frameworks play out very different from each other.

Where white [...]

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