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Go Lecture: Micro Chinese Fuseki – Ends in Huge Trades

Chinese professional Chen Yaoye plays the Micro Chinese Fuseki in this game versus Korean star Choi Cheolhan.  It's always difficult to know who to root for when you've been following both players involved since before they reached 9dan.  Harder still when it's an international match and you know they both want to take a win [...]

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Go Lecture: Park Jungwhan – Plays Micro Chinese Fuseki

Park Jungwhan should be a household name for anyone who regularly studies top professional games.  He is arguably one of Korea's best players, a status you don't come by without being able to take on the likes of Lee Changho, Lee Sedol, and others.  So, when we see a player of that caliber play a [...]

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Twin Games of Reduction

There are two games reviewed in this lecture.  In the first one, Choi Cheolhan has a pretty easy time tackling the Micro Chinese Fuseki due to rather common joseki being played out.  Immediately making this game one to look at for some nice easy sequences when using or playing against this fuseki.  If another reason [...]

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Kong Jie – Must Reduce a Huge Area!

Top Chinese player Kong Jie plays Japanese professional Ryu Minhyang.  In this game Ryu plays a fast Micro Chinese Fuseki.  Not to be outdone, Kong Jie goes for his own framework.  Trouble with that kind of play is the person who develops their framework second often seems behind in the framework vs framework battle.  So, [...]

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Gu Li – Plays Micro Chinese Fuseki

The Micro Chinese Fuseki is one I wasn't sure about when it first began making its rounds in the go world. It struck me as a little over concentrated around that 3-4 stone. Well, turns out I was wrong about that and it is here to stay. Fine. That means we [...]

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Go Lecture: Micro Chinese Fuseki

The Micro Chinese Fuseki was quite new when this lecture was given. Many variations were still being explored. In this lecture I focus on how to approach the fuseki and some innovative ways an opponent may use when dealing with this rather unusual opening.

This is one of my earliest lectures ever recorded. Recording [...]

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