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Go Lecture: Kang Dongyun – Plays Influential Orthodox

Korean Professional Kang Dongyun Plays an influential orthodox style versus Chinese professional Lian Xiao in this game by opening with the large knight enclosure. A rather standard variation breaks out from there that takes on a seemingly small, but very important, difference from how we normally continue the game.

What was fascinating about this game [...]

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Go Lecture: Ke Jie – Does There Have To Be a Reason?

I don't know if you've fallen in love with rising Chinese star Ke Jie yet, but I know that I have. It's always exciting to watch new blood enter the go world and make their mark. These players breathe fresh life into the game and keeps it exciting! What more could you possibly ask for [...]

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Turn Arounds Abound!

Don't you hate it when you've taken the time and effort to kill something, and it just doesn't stay dead?  Nobody ever said anything about zombies when I was learning about go and yet I see them all the time!  It can only mean one thing.  The end is near and we're all doomed.  Or, [...]

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Lee Sedol – Invades Very Well

Going back and posting all of these past lectures onto this website has shown me one thing. There are a lot of people out there who try to build enormous areas against players who are very good at ripping it all down around your ears. Bit of a surprise to me since I [...]

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A Fun Little Lee Sedol Game

So what is a 'fun little game'? Some people think close games are fun, or maybe large drawn out joseki sequences are fun. I tend to have a different definition. I think it's fun when half the board suddenly finds itself moments away from death. Yeah, that's fun!

In this [...]

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Best of 2011!

At the end of each year I want to do someting special for everyone as a thank you for all of your continued support. In 2011 I did a best of that year. This series was different because I asked for viewers to submit their top picks of the year for me to [...]

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Gu Li – Master of Invasions

If you're looking to invade the framework of a player like Gu Li's caliber, think again. There's just so much to worry about. If he can find a way to turn you into a running group, then he will. And running groups, last time i checked, were generally considered priceless, and not [...]

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Go Lecture: Lee Changho – Plays Orthodox Fuseki vs Sanrensei

In this game Korean professional Lee Changho sets down the Orthodox Fuseki. Nothing unusual there. Chances are we all know the standard responses and even have our own preferences among them as to which we enjoy playing. Lee's opponent, on the other hand, decides to throw all the standard responses out the [...]

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Go Lecture: First Orthodox Lecture

The Orthodox Fuseki is where a player, typically black, encloses a 3-4 corner around the third move. It's something we see a lot of nowadays. However I've heard that many people don't play it because they find it boring. They believe the games always draw out the same way, and they're tired [...]

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