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Go Lecture: Tygem Pros – Idontca1 Misses Nothing

The first part of this lecture can be found here. In this second part we continue to observe idontca1 as he plays other professionals on the Go server Tygem. However, where the first game was all about reducing the center, this time we see idontca1 decide to use influence rather than reduce it.

See [...]

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Go Lecture: Tygem Pros – All In The Middle!

Tygem is a Go server where you expect relentless violence. A never ending barrage of blood each player must wade through, struggling not to drown. You may then be surprised to learn that this game between idontca1 and ddcg is anything but a normal Tygem game. These two play a basic influence [...]

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Go Lecture: A Modest Lecture About Shape

How many times have you been in a game and noticed that your opponent didn't seem to pay much attention to his shape?  Worse yet, how many times have you not paid attention?  Don't worry, we all make that mistake.  We're amateurs, after all.

Shape is one of those things that amateurs unfortunately tend to overlook. [...]

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Go Lecture: The Surrounding Game

Go has many names.  Some names more descriptive than others.  One name you may not be aware of is the 'Surrounding Game'.   It just makes sense on so many levels.  The goal of the game is to surround more territory than your opponent's.  If there is a weak group, a good tactic is to try [...]

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Go Lecture: Choi Cheolhan – Uses Attachments!

Attaching to your opponent's stones is one of those things that new players hear is a bad thing.  The number of times I've had students say to me that attachments were bad for that very reason is astounding!  Truth is attachments are one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal!  In fact I would [...]

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Kong Jie – Punishes Greed!

Greedy players,man, they're everywhere I tell you!  We see them in our opponents.  We see them often reflected in our own play.  No matter what we do we always seem surrounded by greed!  If that's how you feel, this might be a good lecture to take the time to watch.

There are few things sweeter than [...]

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My Journey Through Go

At the end of each year I normally review games selected by viewers as the best baduk games from that year.  On this particular year, however, I decided to do something a little bit different, and told the story of my journey through go.

Starting with how I learned the game, I share one of the [...]

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Simple Moves – Lecture

Go can be quite complicated. In fact, we're trained to think it becomes more complicated the deeper we delve into the game. And yet in many instances, when we look at professional games, there are moves which are honest, straight forward, and simple. Like so much else in life, Go is one [...]

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Lecture – Exchanges

I always enjoy watching games in which exchanges are happening. You have to be absolutely certain what you're giving up is worth the cost, and to do that your reading must be top notch. It would be rather embarrassing to give up a group for influence, let's say, only to realize your opponent [...]

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I Play Against A 5Dan!

Now here is a special Lecture. Instead of reviewing a professional game I play a game against a friend of mine. You may know him. He goes by Frozensoul and he's a 5dan on KGS. In this game we both play and talk about all the moves that we are playing. [...]

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