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Go Lecture: Tygem Pros – All In The Middle!

Tygem is a Go server where you expect relentless violence. A never ending barrage of blood each player must wade through, struggling not to drown. You may then be surprised to learn that this game between idontca1 and ddcg is anything but a normal Tygem game. These two play a basic influence [...]

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Go Lecture: Ke Jie – His Dominance Continues!

Ke Jie continues to show us his strength by taking to task a professional 3dan. but not in the normal manner.  If you think it's going to be landslide from start to finish, you'd be wrong.  In fact I would have to say that black's opening in this match is pretty impressive.  Intimidating, even.  Ke [...]

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Go Lecture: Choi Cheolhan – Opens Unorthodox!

Now, I knew right from the off that Choi Cheolhan is a player who sometimes dabbles into the more unorthodox openings. One of the very first games of his that I ever studied was a game in which he played that way! Still, that style sort of died out from him as he grew into [...]

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Go Lecture: Rare Moves – Lecture

If you've been paying attention to my lectures then you know that I love concentrating on 'normal' styles of play.  My mission, if you will, is to help everyone identify what is normal about normal play and what it is considered normal.  However, not everyone studies the same thing we do.  I know, I know. [...]

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Choi Cheolhan – An Early Game

Choi Cheolhan is one of those players who came to my attention early on in my studies and has stayed in my list of preferred players to this day.  You've probably seen his name come up in my lectures.  For awhile, though, I was uncertain if he was going to be a player I would [...]

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