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IGS 3dans – Attempt the High Chinese Fuseki

IGS players do seem to enjoy influence in their baduk games. This seems to be a reoccurring theme, doesn't it? This time its the High Chinese Fuseki. This is something I haven't seen in so long I probably forgot how I prefer responding to it. That's fine! Let's just make [...]

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IGS 3dans – With a Beta Client

Testing out a new client while continuing my IGS series. This time we unexpectedly geta 3dan opponent. I noticed a bit of a delay in response time in my moves, but that could have just been my latency and not the client.

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IGS 2dan – Dared to Play Sanrensei!

It's almost like he knew who he was playing. He played Sanrensei. He played Tengen. But it's alright. The show must go on, as they say. Can I overcome my two greatest dislikes all in one single match?

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