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Korean Go Game Server – Dwyrin vs Pro?

Jumping ahead a bit, I uploaded a game from my 9dan series. This game is quite special. It turns out the person I played in this game is marked as a "pro" in profile. I hear he's also ranked top 25 on the server. He may be the strongest person I've [...]

By |October 11th, 2015|Go Games, KR Server Games|0 Comments

Korean Go Game Server – Dwyrin’s 7D – 06

Wow, this game. This was a wonderful example of what can happen when you get into a sticky spot early on in the game. It's so difficult to come back from a misstep early on and I think I kept my lead from it fairly well.

By |June 19th, 2015|Go Games, KR Server Games|0 Comments

Go Games – Korean Server – 5Dans – 03!

Here we have yet another game staring our favorite fuseki, the Orthodox Fuseki. However, where one might consider that a fully territorial game is going to ensue, my opponent decided to take the fight to me quite quickly. Did he create too many groups? Am i going to over extend? Let's [...]

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