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Go Lecture: The Legendary Go Seigen

Here is a Go lecture featuring two games from the legendary player Go Seigen. Unlike normal lectures, this may be one which I learned more than the viewers. You see, legendary Go players do not come around often. It stands to reason that when one does you, assuming you're interested in learning [...]

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Earliest Go Game – Lee Sedol

We all have our favorite players, professional that we're always in the mood to watch. Maybe the player is known for their fighting, ability to develop large frameworks, or can just reduce anything their opponent develops. But were they always known for that? Is their style one which they've had from the [...]

By |November 3rd, 2014|Go Lectures, Real Board|2 Comments

Legend88 – Loves Influence

Legend88 was a player worth studying. He wasn't simply a professional player, he was a solid player. He never tried to trick his opponents. His moves were honest and they worked! I absolutely love his games and I hope you do, too!

In this game we see him take an [...]

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Go Lecture: Park Jungwhan – An Impressive Game versus Rui Naiwei

Park Jungwhan is a name many players know.  He's a very strong Korean professional who has battled it out on domestic and international stages.  You've no doubt seen him play other top players such as Lee Changho, Kong Jie, and many others.  Rui Naiwei, on the other hand is sadly often overlooked but no less [...]

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Go Lecture: Ke Jie – His Dominance Continues!

Ke Jie continues to show us his strength by taking to task a professional 3dan. but not in the normal manner.  If you think it's going to be landslide from start to finish, you'd be wrong.  In fact I would have to say that black's opening in this match is pretty impressive.  Intimidating, even.  Ke [...]

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Go Lecture: 9dan versus 1dan

At first glance you may think that watching a 9dan play a 1dan is akin to viewing a train wreck in progress. What you would be forgetting is that every 9dan begins off as a 1dan. And sometimes that 1dan can be every bit as powerful as a 9dan.  It's not at all like a [...]

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Ke Jie – A Star Is Brought To Our Attention!

It is a rare thing to look at a player and know that he will be one his countries top players one day.  Rarer still for that to continue for more than a week.  You see, it's not uncommon for someone to produce a great game on in a awhile.  Producing eye-catching games back to [...]

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Sweet Sacrifice!

Sacrificial plays.  That time in a go game when a player crosses his fingers and hopes what he's doing is a good thing.  Instead of watching as any hope of winning the game is thrown straight out the window.  It's an area that amateurs are typically loathe to approach, not trusting their ability to accurately [...]

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Choi Cheolhan – An Early Game

Choi Cheolhan is one of those players who came to my attention early on in my studies and has stayed in my list of preferred players to this day.  You've probably seen his name come up in my lectures.  For awhile, though, I was uncertain if he was going to be a player I would [...]

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A Fun Little Lee Sedol Game

So what is a 'fun little game'? Some people think close games are fun, or maybe large drawn out joseki sequences are fun. I tend to have a different definition. I think it's fun when half the board suddenly finds itself moments away from death. Yeah, that's fun!

In this [...]

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