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Legend88 – Get’s More Ahead

Anyone familiar with Starcraft II should know the phrase; When ahead, get more ahead. The idea is that if you find yourself in a game where you are noticeably ahead, you don't have to kill off your opponent to win the game. You can just increase your lead so much that your opponent [...]

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Let’s Study – Professionals vs Amateurs

Today we study a game between a professional ranking up on a hidden account named idontca1 and playing amateur dans. The ease with which he dismantles them is amazing.

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Let’s Study – A Gu Lingyi Game

Continuing on in our quest to figure out how to study professional games we come across a young, aggressive player by the name of Gu Lingyi. If you need help on your invasions, does this guy have some tricks up his sleeve for you!

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Let’s Study – A Lee Changho Game

A new series where I try to bring you truly exceptional games and answer the question of 'how to study' that?

In this game we see the Orthodox Fuseki battle it out against the Low Chinese Fuseki. It's not often you see framework vs framework games.

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