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Tygem Go Games – Season 2 – Let’s Experiment!

After my first successful Go Game back on Tygem I decided to ask the viewers how I should open.  They responded High Chinese, at least it wasn't sanrensei, so High Chinese Fuseki it is!  It's an opening not seen very often as its easier to reduce than the Low Chinese Fuseki, but still not a [...]

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Tygem Go Games – Season 2 – Come At Me 3Dans!

Now that I have launched my site and completed a few projects I had to do this year, its back to playing on Tygem for your enjoyment! Created a brand new account to do so and discovered I could only create an account up to 3dan, which I am extremely happy with! To [...]

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Tygem 5dan Games – Force Me to Reduce

Wow. If the goal in this game was to work on invasion and reductions...mission accomplished. Huge areas always give me the creeps. That said, it's always good to work on them!

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Tygem 5dan Games – Fight Everything!

Wow. This game got complicated. Fighting is everywhere! Normally I try to ensure everyone can follow along in my videos but that's probably not the case in this game. Sorry about that.

The weird UI in the video is due to a copyright issue I was having with youtube at the time. [...]

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Tygem Games – With a Theme?

Alright, this game was mostly for fun. I had another 5dan to discus moves with and I tried to set a specific theme for the game. I think this wound up being a little bit of a disaster.

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Tygem 5dan Games – Tenuki

Well this 5dan decided he didn't like finishing joseki. Question is, can he handle the amount of influence this gives me?

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Tygem 5dan Games – Get More Co-Commentating

Another game with my trusty co-commentator. My opponent didn't let me play what I wanted, which was sad, but at least I got in some invading practice.

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Tygem 5dan Games – Get Co-Commentated

That's right! This game I thought it might be a good idea to have someone ask questions while I was playing. Well, that was the idea anyway. Turns out having another person talking to you while you play is a tiny bit distracting.

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Tygem 5dan Games – Put On The Pressure

One thing I struggled with for quite some time, was getting my audio settings all sorted out. I think this video needed a bit more sorting...

In any event this was my first game against 5dans! Certainly moved up in the world since the 3dan start. Let's see how these guys play...

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Tygem 4dan Games – Goodbye!

That's right, last game against 4dans in this particular series. I think my play got a little sloppy in this baduk game. Fighting doesn't go quite as I want it to, but then again I am not a professional. I suppose it's only to be expected.

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