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Tygem 5dan Games – Fight Everything!

Wow. This game got complicated. Fighting is everywhere! Normally I try to ensure everyone can follow along in my videos but that's probably not the case in this game. Sorry about that.

The weird UI in the video is due to a copyright issue I was having with youtube at the time. [...]

By |October 18th, 2014|Tygem Games|1 Comment

Tygem 4dan Games – Can Play a Normal Game

Nothing too strange about this game. Neither player was significantly ahead after the opening. Fighting went a bit back and forth. The ending was a bit sloppy, but other than that this was a pretty normal game!

Good change of pace from some of the strange games up until this point.

My [...]

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Tygem 4dan Games – We All Make Mistakes

Here's a game where everyone makes mistakes. Including me. But that's fine. Those can be fun as well!

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Tygem 4dan Games – Die Huge

Wow. Who said sleepy go was a bad idea? Surely not me. In this baduk game a 4dan attempts to fight me and doesn't quite manage to pull it off. Good try though! Lots to learn from the battle.

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Tygem 4dan Games – Were Quite Passive

First Game as a Tygem 4dan and this baduk game was rather passive! A very different game from all those 3dans. I'm sure this fine strategy will work fine for him. Truly.

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Tygem 3dan Games – Surround and Reduce

Go is called the surrounding game. In this game me and my opponent seem to take that name to heart. But who will come out ahead?

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Tygem 3dan Games – Play Out Quite Oddly

When confronted with strange openings, no surprise I fall back on orthodox play. Playing nice and solidly, I feel, puts pressure on the opponent to use whatever he had in mind most effectively without help from myself.

Note this is an early recording. Quality suffers a bit as a result.

By |October 17th, 2014|Tygem Games|0 Comments

Tygem 3dan Games – Some Orthodox Play

First time playing the 3dans on Tygem! This game I decide to open up with Orthodox. I think it's my favorite opening as black due to its flexibility.

Playing these games, I hope, should give you ideas on what you should be thinking about during your games. My unfiltered thought process is right [...]

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