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Real Board Go Lectures – Huang Longshi – A Chinese Master

This time in my Real Board Go Lectures I take a look at Huang Longshi, a Chinese master go player. Unfortunately he was someone who was apparently not appreciated in his own time. It wasn't until later that people going back and viewing his games realized that he was indeed one of the [...]

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Real Board Go Lectures – Japanese Influence!

I've mentioned before in my Real Board Go Lectures that there are a lot of new young players that deserve your attention. What you might not expect is that a Japanese player is my next recommendation due to his amazing use of influence! That's right. Japanese influence.

Normally Korea and Chinese hog the [...]

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Korean Go Game Server – Dwyrin’s 7D – 04 – Easy Game

Not all Go Games are hour long events. Sometimes they're just eleven minutes long! Just create as many weak groups as possible. Here is a perfect example on why its not our goal in Go to create as many weak groups as possible.

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Go Lecture: Looking at Direction of Play

In this Go Lecture we examine a much requested subject; Direction of Play. It's a bit of a quirky subject, more easily understood as being consistent. Obviously to do that one must understand what their previous moves were accomplishing or hoping to accomplish in the future, in order to see if something is [...]

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Go Lecture: The Legendary Go Seigen

Here is a Go lecture featuring two games from the legendary player Go Seigen. Unlike normal lectures, this may be one which I learned more than the viewers. You see, legendary Go players do not come around often. It stands to reason that when one does you, assuming you're interested in learning [...]

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WBaduk 5dans – Help Me Test

Alright, so one of the main complaints I had with recording on WBaduk was all the deadspace. So much of the screen was taken up with useless information. Here you can see I am able to make the board larger by cutting out a lot of the client, only what do I put [...]

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Choi Cheolhan – Gives Up A Little To Gain A Lot

Giving up groups and corners is something many go players are hesitant to do. Choi Cheolhan, however, shows the value sacrifice.

This is one of my earliest lectures ever recorded. Recording Quality may be lacking as a result.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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