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Korean Go Game Server – Dwyrin’s 7D – 07

In this game I get to play the Low Chinese Fuseki with a nice and fast framework behind its growth. This being netmarble, you know my opponent is not going to stand by and allow me to build up. It's a shame, but should result in a nice fight!

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WBaduk 5dans – Develop Dragons

Lots of groups running all around this board in this WBaduk game which I thought was just wonderful. In so many games that we play we get into situations where we fall into this situation. The frustrating part of getting better at go is knowing that running groups should be a source of [...]

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WBaduk 5dans – Didn’t See My Mistake

Wow. This game I made quite the misread that was kindly pointed out in chat. What can I say? Sometimes it's hard to comment and read at the same time. I am human, humans make mistakes. If you would like to see me make some, watch this game!

This game is [...]

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WBaduk 3dans – Stop My Chinese Fuseki

Well I think I wanted to play the chinese fuseki this game, however my opponent seemed to have other ideas. Instead, I just get a bunch of influence!

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WBaduk 6dans – Can Play Quite Strange

Its interesting to view the styles of players who have ranked up into the high dans. Some play nice and solid. Some play quite strange looking to confuse you. I do believe this guy is the latter...

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