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WBaduk 5dans – Develop Dragons

Lots of groups running all around this board in this WBaduk game which I thought was just wonderful. In so many games that we play we get into situations where we fall into this situation. The frustrating part of getting better at go is knowing that running groups should be a source of [...]

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WBaduk 5dans – Have Direction Problems

So here we have a WBaduk 5dan game in which my opponent displayed a staggering amount of uncertainty in both the opening as well as direction of play. Whenever I play people like this I can't help but think to myself that perhaps I'm taking advantage of a player who has had a bit [...]

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WBaduk 6dans – Can Play Quite Strange

Its interesting to view the styles of players who have ranked up into the high dans. Some play nice and solid. Some play quite strange looking to confuse you. I do believe this guy is the latter...

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