We all have our favorite players, professional that we're always in the mood to watch. Maybe the player is known for their fighting, ability to develop large frameworks, or can just reduce anything their opponent develops. But were they always known for that? Is their style one which they've had from the moment became a professional?

In this game I take a look at the earliest Lee Sedol game that I can get my hands on. Here he was a professional 1Dan battling it out way back in 1997 against then professional 8dan Chang Hao. And I have to say, despite all the games of Lee Sedol's that I've studied over the years, it amazes me that his play can still surprise me. We've always known him to be an aggressive fighter, however seeing the origins of it made me see some of my opponents in a different way.

It should be mentioned, if you are not already aware, that Chang Hao is not your average player. At the time of this game he was at the top of his game as China's top player, winning almost every title he could get his hands on. Despite his many victories, it wouldn't be for another two years that he finally received professional 9dan.

This is a first recording with a new camera. Settings aren't quite right yet