Continuing on with our 3Dan series, it's my sad duty to inform you that this is one of my last 3Dan games. Spoiler, I know, but it turns out that until you lose a game, the server is very liberal on how fast it will promote you. Unlike Tygem where you need to play twenty games no matter what, four or five games seems to be the spot here on baduk tv's servers for new accounts.

That said, This game is quite a fun little game! Granted the opening didn't turn out as well as it could have for him. I'll never understand some of the strange openings Dan players attempt to use. I would have thought they had direction of play down really well. But that's alright.

What isn't alright is my utter greed. The number of games I try to take everything or kill everything has gotten rather out of hand. This game is no exception. Go for a large area and try to kill? Yeah, that's not a thing that I should get used to doing. When I encounter a really strong player they're going to punish me so hard for doing this. I guess until then I hope you find it entertaining and learn something from these games!