Here is a Go lecture featuring two games from the legendary player Go Seigen. Unlike normal lectures, this may be one which I learned more than the viewers. You see, legendary Go players do not come around often. It stands to reason that when one does you, assuming you're interested in learning a thing or two, would review their games. It makes perfect sense. Sadly it is something I did not do when Go Seigen was alive.

I, like many players, focused heavily on the younger players. Those who were making headlines from day to day. I knew of Go Seigen, but never studied more than half a dozen of his games. That is my loss, and one I mean to begin correcting.

In this lecture you will see two excellent examples of just why Go Seigen was a legendary player and how his games are still very relevant in today's meta. In the first game there's an example of how to handle weak groups, and how to set up a fight where your opponent is forced to make and defend them. If you are player that enjoys studying a game to better your fighting ability, then this lecture is definitely one you will find interesting.

In the second game you'll witness Go Seigen's ability to reduce an area and make exchanges. This, of course, cannot be done without the use of aji, so pay close attention, in both games, how he used every bit of aji to his benefit.

If you wish to download these games for your own archive, you can find the links below

Game 1 -
Game 2 -

I hope you enjoyed these games as much as I did, and will add Go Seigen to your list of players to go back and study, if you haven't studied his games already.