Tygem is a Go server where you expect relentless violence. A never ending barrage of blood each player must wade through, struggling not to drown. You may then be surprised to learn that this game between idontca1 and ddcg is anything but a normal Tygem game. These two play a basic influence versus territory style game that starts out complicated, then simplifies itself greatly. Never heard of them? You should if you regularly play on those servers because these two are at the top.

Idontca1 is someone who first caught my attention when he first ranked up to 9Dan from 5Dan completely undefeated. This in itself is not hard to do, but it is hard to do playing completely simple moves. Blitz go with questionable trick plays can get you there. But that is not this person. He plays nice and easy and it's always a pleasure to watch.

Ddcg on the other hand doesn't typically play as simply, but he is a treat to watch. As one of the top players there are elements in his games you can always learn from. Only trouble with him is that I would say he's not for everyone like idontca1 might be. Ddcg will play complicated and aggressive moves that takes a fair bit of reading to keep up with.