About a year ago now I discovered something rather fascinating.  One of, if not the largest, streamer of Hearthstone played Go.  He goes by the name of Trump and you can find his channel by clicking here if you're interested in Hearthstone.  He's the kind of guy who has always struck me as being a rather laid back and nice kind of guy, so naturally I offered him lessons at no charge.  Now, normally when you make such an offer to someone as busy and well known as he is, you don't expect a reply.  I certainly didn't!  And yet not only did he reply, but he was interested as well!

I really enjoyed teaching Trump.  He had a great attitude. was able to express his thoughts regarding what moves he was considering and why quite eagerly.  I didn't have to prod him to speak up at all, as is the case with some students.  Unfortunately due to my extremely fail organizational skills I lost the video.  I had assumed it was gone for good.  Thankfully, a year later, I found the video and thought I would share everyone.

Trump says he is about 7kyu and has never actively studied the game before.  I hope you enjoy!