If you're looking to invade the framework of a player like Gu Li's caliber, think again. There's just so much to worry about. If he can find a way to turn you into a running group, then he will. And running groups, last time i checked, were generally considered priceless, and not for the person running.

To make matters worse, as if to show his opponent just how an invasion is supposed to be performed, Gu Li finds an opportunity to invade his opponent. But where one invasion did not go as planned, Gu Li's invasions are executed flawlessly. It's a terrific counter point to just what can be accomplished when there exists a lot of aji to work with.

So amazing! Not only will be read out how to kill your invasion, he'll then turn around and show you just how an invasion is supposed to be performed.

Aji. It's a killer.

This is one of my earliest lectures ever recorded. Recording Quality may be lacking as a result.