Honest go is means play where nothing is hidden.  That the meaning behind their moves is nice and upfront, on display for everyone to see.  These sorts of games are among the best for us to learn from since there's not a lot of useless complication hiding the bigger points of the game.  They are also the sort you would expect to fail horribly.

Ever since we first took up our very first stone, we've been trained to think that the game is complicated, and becomes more complicated the higher up the ladder you climb.  Oddly enough, it's just the opposite.  Some of the best games I can remember have been the simplest, and we forget simplicity at our peril.

This is a nice simple game where we are all reminded that needing to read one hundred moves into the future every turn is not a requirement.  That turning every life and death problem into one suitable for the Igo Hatsuyoron is a tad overkill.

Let's keep it simple, people!

The background noise is rather noticeable in this video. I apologize for this.