Korean Professional Kang Dongyun Plays an influential orthodox style versus Chinese professional Lian Xiao in this game by opening with the large knight enclosure. A rather standard variation breaks out from there that takes on a seemingly small, but very important, difference from how we normally continue the game.

What was fascinating about this game is that where you would expect a huge fight to take place, rippling across the board for countless moves, Kang Dongyun has a much simpler strategy in mind that increases the likelihood of his opponent overextending. That's not to say the more aggressive variation would be wrong, just that the one black decides upon is different.

If you're looking to study this game then pay special attention to direction of play decisions. Notice how black handles the right hand side of the board, and why. Examine how black decides to deal with the question of his weak group on the bottom of the board, and how he knew it was alright to do what he did.

If you can see those variations and understand them, then chances are you are well on your way to becoming a good player. Well, assuming of course you take the time to be on alert for such thinking in your own games.