Top Chinese player Kong Jie plays Japanese professional Ryu Minhyang.  In this game Ryu plays a fast Micro Chinese Fuseki.  Not to be outdone, Kong Jie goes for his own framework.  Trouble with that kind of play is the person who develops their framework second often seems behind in the framework vs framework battle.  So, what do you do?

Well, if you're Kong Jie, you just shrug and make massive invasions.  Turns out your opponent being ahead in the framework vs framework moyo battles means they likely have a larger area than you.  And the larger an area is the easier it is to reduce!  So, although the raw developmental potential is lacking, can be made up with invasions.

I wonder if that means there's such a thing as growing too large?  I don't much like the thought of that.  The board is supposed to be mine after all!  All mine!  But after seeing this game...maybe not?

My microphone in this video is quite terrible. I apologize for this.