Here we have an early game of Lee Sedol's from way back when he was a 3dan professional. But don't let the rank fool you. At 3dan he was taking on the likes of Lee Changho, so the difference between 3 and 9 for him wasn't a whole lot.

What makes this game interesting is that most of his games involved lots of trying to kill everything that moved. And if it didn't move, he tried to kill it anyway. You know, just to sure. However here we see him straight for influence. No attempting to kill what-so-ever! What's more, he was going for influence, in many cases, in gote. It was like the world suddenly turned upside down.

Well, while we're all on our heads, know that white decided that he was not to be outdone by black's influence and goes to try and establish influence for himself as well! And that raises an interesting question. How will the game proceed when both players are vying for the same thing? And how can we turn this to our advantage when we find ourselves in the same position? Let's find out...

This is one of my earliest lectures ever recorded. Recording Quality may be lacking as a result.