Anyone familiar with Starcraft II should know the phrase; When ahead, get more ahead. The idea is that if you find yourself in a game where you are noticeably ahead, you don't have to kill off your opponent to win the game. You can just increase your lead so much that your opponent will not have a chance to come back into the game, thereby securing your victory.

It sounds like the most obvious advice in the world, however many games are lost because people break this proverb. Despite how large a lead they might have, they try and go for that flashy victory and remove as many stones of their opponent's from the board as possible. What they don't realize is that fights such as those contain more possibilities than they're aware of. They open up a chance for their opponent to come ahead in a fight, get the worse end of a sacrifice, miss sente, a countless number of ways for their opponent to come back due to just one misread.

Don't be that person. In this game hidden professional player legend88 demonstrates the extremely simple idea against an amateur player on Tygem that when you're ahead, get more ahead.