Chinese professional Chen Yaoye plays the Micro Chinese Fuseki in this game versus Korean star Choi Cheolhan.  It's always difficult to know who to root for when you've been following both players involved since before they reached 9dan.  Harder still when it's an international match and you know they both want to take a win for their country.

That said, I have to give it to black.  This was a game of trade and sacrifice.  Chances are if you or I were to take their place, we would never in a million years think to play the same way that they did.   Even if somehow we thought of the possibility, to embrace it knowing we're going to be throwing away a game-ending amount of points if we're wrong, takes a lot of reading and skill.

If you're the kind of player that tries to save everything and focus on life and death so that you can keep saving everything, then this game is for you.  Believe it or not, sometimes killing a group just isn't enough.  Sometimes the game is going to swing in your opponents favor by doing so, or remain close.  And yet how often do you ever stop to think that it's going to be risky to kill something?

This is an absolutely fascinating game.