Park Jungwhan should be a household name for anyone who regularly studies top professional games.  He is arguably one of Korea's best players, a status you don't come by without being able to take on the likes of Lee Changho, Lee Sedol, and others.  So, when we see a player of that caliber play a modern fuseki such as the Micro Chinese Fuseki, it should be a good game to learn from.

So if you're looking for some interesting ways to use a modern fuseki, this game is probably one of the ones that you're looking for.  And if you happen to be in search of how to use frameworks, given that this is one, and also want to see how to build up with one then this is a good candidate for study.

As much as I hate everyone playing little else but Chinese variations nowadays, these games do lend for some seriously entertaining 'the-whole-board-is-mine' games, even if you aren't looking to learn something in particular.