There are two games reviewed in this lecture.  In the first one, Choi Cheolhan has a pretty easy time tackling the Micro Chinese Fuseki due to rather common joseki being played out.  Immediately making this game one to look at for some nice easy sequences when using or playing against this fuseki.  If another reason is needed, then what white later turns the game into is rather surprising and definitely worth a look!

In the second game, Lee Sedol plays a Korean 3dan with a taste for influence.  So much so that poor Lee Sedol has to reduce the whole board.  What ever will he do?  If you're having trouble reducing large areas, this game is worth a peek.  It starts at the thirty minute mark and you won't be disappointed.  Many of us would rather resign than face the daunting task of reducing what he is forced to reduce.

That said, both games are well worth reviewing and I hope that you enjoy them!